Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lost and found.

"Sometimes, I don't post for awhile because I don't think my words are worth being heard. Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in the things I should do, I forget who I am. I lose my identity in the world."

I read this quote on another blog and I couldn't help but to realize how much I could put it into my life. I use to blog A LOT about all kinds of things and then I slowly stopped doing it. I don't know why, I guess life got in the way like it always does. I forget who I am and I do lose my identity.  Lately though it feels like I've been doing a bit better about holding onto it. I don't lose myself so much in the small things like I used to. I have my moments but they are no where near what they used to be. I still fall to pieces and have a hard time holding myself together but truth be told I am doing so much better. It seems like things are finally coming together and that includes my personal life and school. Of course work could use a lot of improvement but that's honestly not something that I can control. 

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