Friday, August 5, 2011

My Online time is spent where?!

I figured out of random and boredom I'd post my most visited places on the web otherwise known as some of my favorite sites. This should be amusing to some extent. 

I'm sure there's more that I'm just not realizing right now and when I do I'll add them or blog them again. On a more serious note though it's been brought to my attention by someone that I truly care about that I spend way too much time online, mostly FB. We've gotten into fights about it and I've come to realize that he's right. In my quest to, I don't know, cure my boredom or do my work I abandon everyone else and everything else. When you're on the brink of possibly losing someone you care about because you make something a priority over them it's a wake up call, at least it was for me. Another eye opener was when I came home the other day and realized just how much of a mess my bedroom was. I'm a fairly neat person and I never let my room look the way it has been looking recently. I've made the decision to limit my internet time and not constantly be on it like I have been in the past. There's other things that I need to do and people in my life that I need to spend time with that I've been taking for granted. I've lost myself and who I am in/on the "world wide web". It's time I find myself and the things I use to enjoy again.

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